Public transportation can get you anywhere in London; however, when it comes to a family vacation, a minibus is a perfect option. Unlike cars, renting a minibus is a more comfortable and affordable alternative.                         

You’ll get enough space to accommodate your family, luggage, pets and even cookeries you plan to carry for the vacation. On the contrary, a car is a smaller alternative. You need to sit cramped inside the car against each other.

Look for the most convenient minibus hire in London and head on a memorable trip with your family.

Minibus vs car rental – which is a better family vacation transport?

Affordable and spacious

A minibus has enough room for all. There are more seats than the number of people you will accommodate in the minibus. This allows the family members to sit comfortably and rotate places throughout the journey.

Cars, on the other hand, have limited seats and get cramped. You can even move your limbs inside the car, which makes a long journey painful.

Travel together

If you have a big family planning a vacation, more than a car is required. You might need to rent more than a single car. With a minibus, on the other hand, you can accommodate everyone in the same bus and ride and enjoy the journey together.

Entertainment features

Minibus offers a range of on-road entertainment features like Wi-Fi connection, stereo systems, built-in music players, and charger points that help people travel a long way.

In a rental car, you cannot expect these options. Since the space is low, you will be uncomfortable and bored throughout the journey.